Saturday, March 04, 2006

i had a big ranty grumble about how blogs are banned 'cause the ubiquitous 'they' think that they a) can or do or could blaspheme and/or b) will plot to bump off bush/mush in public. excuuuuse me. you aren't allowed to curb freedom of speech because you're afraid of what people might say. how idiotically stupid, this is not preemptive action, it's plain idiocy. it's like killing all the bees just in case they sting. or living in the dark all the time lest the sun give you melanoma. what-ever. so yes, i had a big ranty grumble but then i remembered what i really had to write down which is infintely prettier than our stupidass government who doesn't seem to know that everyone's still blogging away, and that people don't blaspheme so much here in Pakistan. burri baat hoti hai you know.

so the other day cycling with abbu i saw one child of dog, white puppy sitting in the grass behind its mother, looking mighty sleepy. i also saw about six children of woman and man, in varying sizes from medium small to tiny, all golden brown, all of them jogging down the road, arms tucked into their sides, hands balled, chugging away purposefully. they looked like little peanuts with legs, popping out of the entrance to their sehan :)

i'd much rather think of small peanut children in the golden sunlight. one had deep set eyes the colour of honey, flecked thoughtful with caramel. i will miss the peacefulness of this week.

Mina at 12:49 PM