Tuesday, February 21, 2006

blogger ate up my last post!! I WILL SUE! not only was stalwart childhood companion right about it being missing *grumble* but poetry baba said something nice about it too grrr i quite liked that post, it flowed nicely >:P you goo bloggeeerrrrr!!!

today i crashed my left elbow into the car doorjamb with an enormous clatter of my bracelets hitting the metal thingabob the door clicks into. the result is the removal of several layers of epithelium and a cut, and what will be a proper bruise in a few days..it's exactly like the kind of elbow mashings that resulted from falling off your bike on the road! i love it! i haven't had a bachon wali chot in the longest time! quite happily nursing a bruisy elbow, and i also got a happy meal out of it hehehehe

"abbu when're you going cycling?"
"in a bit."
he drinks his tea, i putter around.
"oooooooo *eureka moment* can i comee!?!??!?"

i went cycling with abbu today, it was the best fun ever! it's been years since i've cycled with him, and he usually never quashes spontaneous plans so when i suggested i come along, he said how soon can you put on shoes? so he got the other bike out and we pumped the tyres a bit and went whizzing off into the late afternoon sun, people staring, me whooping in glee, abbu cruising along smoothly. we raced down one of the roads that branch off johar town's main boulevard- "come on, old man!" "bring it on!" vrooooom!- and back, indicating at turns and shouting over the wind. glorious...shiny smooth road, curvy italian bike, grinning into the mellow buttery sun, linen ajrak streaming a redbluegreen flag behind me. and spending time with daddy :)

Mina at 5:55 PM