Sunday, February 05, 2006

unleash the sarcasm a.k.a mina is a mean little punk

why do we have to single days out to do something? is it some strange compulsion of the human being that we must have anniversaries and birthdays and valentine's days and groundhog day and oh-look-can-put-a-banana-up-my-nose day? i don't get it. chalo birthdays i'll give you, being born was your mother's accomplishment primarily because you don't remember your efforts, but everyone should have the supreme self-indulgence of being rewarded for one's presence in the world for at least one day. the rest is flimflammy balderdash. valentine's day? oh jee i love you pliss make franship with me and this here yeti a.k.a white stuffed bear and we can go to mcdonald's wearing matching red outfits, YAY! geev me a breayuk mayn. love someone every day. and anniversaries, counting days like neanderthal man counting his sheep when they came back by putting a stone in a pot, one sheep two sheep, one month six months one year. we made it, we have crossed an invisible line! whoopee! then what, re? it isn't a competition to see how many days you've put into one specific person, just go with the flow; nobody gives you a prize and it isn't something you can wear on a t-shirt so everyone knows. "guess what i've been with my boyfriend for two years! *smug little smile*". chances are that the person you told is a bitter, violent, agnostic dumpee who hates God for letting this happen to them and will then proceed to beat you into a pulp with an empty pepsi ki choti botul, crying 'i'm a good person! why don't good things happen to me!' [special note for the sand at this point: why oh lord why;)] sub capitalism ki ghalti hai i tell you, aur asal wale bohemians ki, not the people who wear berets and big butt-ugly rings just to be cool and not because they like to but coming back to the original point: why do we need specific days to do a b and c, you don't need an excuse to celebrate something, or the permission you think a certain day gives you.

Mina at 10:44 AM