Friday, February 10, 2006

this one's for the boys (particularly the fat guy having a tantrum in the link-site sidebar, that one's specifially stalwart childhood companion's)

perhaps this is only one more example of how nothing in life is random (gasp goosp aarrr): in the morning i had my legs up on the CPU playing freecell on zehra's computer, discussing rishi kapoor films and whether dev anand had a zeenat aman obession with the maqs and the other law RAs (i have to say that hairy boy is quite the miscreant for pretending not to want the waggly headed hamburglar pencil holder, i hope its sub-conty waggle from nadia's decrepit dell makes him repent our largesse although he did know manymany songs) and abhi abhi the H sends me a link for none other than what greatbong calls mithunism!!!! hahahahahaa and the best part is that i have seen 'darya dil' pictured in the sidebar!!! the only thing kitschily funnier are the mister T jokes qasim keeps on his Z drive, pitiable fool ;)

Mina at 10:11 PM