Monday, February 27, 2006

on old movies
i just saw 'come september' and i have to say that it was really fantastic; subtly intelligently funny not in a high-brow way but in a good-acting, witty way. much fun! it's surprising how puraney zamaney romantic films leave you feeling amused and entertained, not soppy and 'whatever, yeh kabhi asal main nahien hota'.

the fakhta and i
yesterday i spent one and a half hour with looloo and B at the airport, waiting for khala number one to aa bhi jaayen (some miscreant made away with her suitcase, it so happens, and three flights landed at the same time. much confusion), B meeting people even at the airport (gawd that woman knows the WORLD) and looloo and i whiling the time away singing 'copacabana' and teasing B about the strapless backless "and ruched capris bwahaha" outfits we'd wear to her shaadi and generally having a lot of fun away from our censuring mothers (and sister, in my case). kal i realised how much my little looloo reminds me of a me i haven't been in a long time, or felt like at any rate.

on old and present loves
zahid uncle is here! yay! i'd love to call him 'chacha' but since i've never called anyone chacha it feels funny to say it. he's known me my entire life, he was there when i was born, he did the azaan in my ear, i trashed his kitchen regularly, the whole shebang. he manages to come to lahore about once a year, from arizona where he still lives with his family and insanely busy life. i love him with an abiding, instinctive affection; like family you don't meet often but love continuously at a sub-level of your self. i wish he and his family were still our neighbours.

on surprises
reading the lahore metblog today i saw this link in the sidebar: butterflies for release for any occasion you want! what this company basically does is package butterflies for you and puts them in a pretty box, and you can release them as a beautiful grand gesture....and after pondering about the humaneity (?) of it (they say it's perfectly harmless but c'mon, dabbay main band hoti hain..) and the general weirdness about ordering two dozen butterflies as if they were flowers or chocolate, i have decided that i would indeed be bowled over to be in a cloud of surprise butterflies. imagine! what a knockout mushy thing! a beautiful leather-bound book o' pomes-and suddenly butterflies! kaafi magickal. speaking of which, another adventure forthcoming, moment of supreme wow :D

Mina at 10:10 PM