Thursday, December 01, 2005

so birthday kal thi but the goodies keep pouring in! eishi came with elmo the teeny-weeny blue-grey persian kitty-cat to whom i have bequeathed my heart and the most beautiful pink flowers in the history of flowers, the roses smell like roses. and a card, yay. mummy got me a book that is 'not a birthday present' book but still. it was a book on me bedside when i woke up so it counts. it also means more presents pending hahaha! sana is getting me earrings. daddy and mummy are plotting to get me a *gasp* LAPTOP woo hoo for meeee i shall be a funky little monkey i will :D and i took the GRE today, boo-yah! and my knee really hurts. bauhat zyada. appointment kal first thing buss. and the farsi boy is so pretty he is wearing a green dress shirt with white stripes and a blue stripe in the middle of the white one. but he knows we know he knows we're looking. and i met saphiya, who is soooo pretty in the daylight *lol* it was fun, i was thinking about her and she walked into the door. very karma-cool, i was so surprised i didn't yell 'saapphiiyaaaa!!!' the way i had planned *grin* ochi's post-birthday-meri-pre-birthday-coincidentally party was so much fun, the noon is a good dancer and blueberry don't taste like nothin' it only smell good :P sunno got me diesel perfume that is in a silver dabba shaped like a milk carton (complete with foldy-outy spout thingum) with cows embossed on it, and the bottle is an opaque white, shaped like a milk bottle...isn't that cute and weird? jammie would have a designer field day. model united nationses are so nerdy, i haven't seen so many kids in one place since the last time i went to a school play hehehehe this kid was talking to sarosh the cutie and i said something wisecrack-y and he gave me this *look*, i gave him one right back. twitty little pube, zyada cool na bano, your jacket is way too big for your spindly shoulders *snotty, evil little sniff* main cool bann sakti hoon because i am twanty-too, i am your momma. gstring is driving over today, what a big girl she be now :) all the girlies coming and we're watching a fillum. i think i should go down now and see if puppet's about so i can go cheer up the yaller boy with bottle of bigg apple.

thank you for all the yummy-scrummy blog notes, e-mails, birthday cards (reenie you are the ultimate hahaha), phonecalls (preemptive and otherwise;) ), SMSs, MSN wishes, orkut scraps. barra maza aya :) and for the people who forgot SHAME ON YOU, bye forever.

Mina at 12:22 PM