Friday, December 16, 2005

now that i'm having a whizz on the shesh-machine that is smulli's lappie (our regular clonker's on the fritz i'm afraid, as is the la sleazy internet cards for a temporary fix) i find i am quite sad that the dell potties didn't ship quasimodo on time. now i'll have to wait until heaven knows when until i can have me my own tippity-tap little machine that runs all fast and the entire hard disk is MINE :O and if i put a password on the thingy then nobody will ever be able to see whatever i store either :O :O WOW! so what if its supposed to be ugly, it'll be so...exclusive!

sunno and 'bina are leaving tomorrow. inshallah because i hope they get there safe and sound, but wahh. i shall miss. i taught the little pudding how to high five :D it's really cute, you go ''bina, high fiiiiive!' and hold our your open hand a little high, and she lights up like a birthday cake and slaps your palm, and then grins in that way babies have, the i-did-something-cool-didn't-i-i'm-a-superstar-although-i-wish-i-knew-exactly-why-this-was-cool-anyway. sure beats 'nosie kahan hai?' ;)

sana, zahra and minu are debuting their musical talent tomorrow inshallah, i'm so proud! i'm also the band manager, Z and i are actually...hehehhe they're singing 'animal instinct'; minu on the semi-acoustic, zahra lead and sana backing vocals...they're really good(Z and i should get matching sunglasses and flip phones now. lol), and at least now when sana sings it every single morning it's for a reason other than just singing depressing lyrics too darn early in the morning.

i'm so tired i'm not tired any more, but i am the clever kind of tired where i won't read dangerous liasions but i'll veg out in front of this screen or watch a movie. duh.

heard sajan after everyone keeps talking about it, and it turns out i have heard it, of course i've heard this one, in fact i heard it for the first time live, the baansri cleaving through my skin, the singer's voice flowing mellow through the cleft. live music takes the mick out of me, from an acoustic guitar on the sidewalk or a concert...kuch ho jata hai, a kind of enchantment...i am no longer there. sajan is driving to university on a grey morning, in the rain..the glass is cool, and my fingertips leave misty half-crescents on it for just a moment.

i'm really good at daydreaming, i find, in detailed Technicolour and surround sound...cooked up the coolest one in islamic spirituality today. wendy, you gotta audit this one, i'm serious. abhi bhi waqt hai. speaking of class, today i had such a big fat question to ask in existentialism that i didn't get to ask so i will get it off my chest here: the difference between fear and dread is that fear is trepidation of the factual and existent, like a lion, and dread is apprehension caused by oneself about something one hasn't experienced a posteriori type. my question is that i don't think fear really exists, it's all dread by that definition because i may be facing a lion, but since i have never been attacked by one, my 'fear' is based on something i haven't experienced, but been told: a lion can gobble you up. that's dread, then, like a fear of hell or padded shoulders coming back into fashion- an anxiety created by oneself about something that you don't know for sure even exists, but believe because someone says so. i must ask this in class on monday.
and shahid hussain said that the imagination and memory and other things in the same vein is only NEURAL SYNAPSES, a host of chemicals fizzing about in one's brain!!! i take great offense to being told that my imagination is only a little electricity and enzymes, jee nahien :P

an adventure, please.

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