Monday, December 19, 2005

kal ka post
the girls rocked! woo hoo! i wallked- okay no, ran- in to ehsan in the strobe lights staying alive with much pizzazz (impressive) and ended with ahmed shah bringing the house down with his rendition of are you gonna be my girl, (superduper funky; great band and who'da thought brian the messenger had a voice like that?! bauhat aala) but me girls were super! so confident and la la, yeaay i'm so proud, Z and i were going to self-combust in nervousness for them but it all went very well at the end of the day :) and saed also came for a surprise and yayness all around. ab the story of how i got there is one that is highly my only sad is that i missed noon singing shape of my heart, he does it so well keh Allah bachaye. must get mp3.

and anyone who remembers BP bubble bar please raise your hand; A and H are burgers who don't know anything...bp bubble bar, sub se acha bar, beee-peee bpbubble! geez louise!

you don't need money with a face like that do ya tan tan tan tan tan tan hahahaa!

i have conquered the reading. let it not be said that mina spent her weekend lafantarfying, but indeed studying! bruhuhahaaaa! valmont, no matter how delicious it may be to say the word with proper frenchiness, is a right rapist. tsk. dangerous liasions' characters have the most savoury names....volanges, valmont, danceny...roll around in one's mouth like butterscotch candy.

aaj ka post
today we discussed authority in existentialism. what i don't really understand is why spend time honing genius and putting apostles on their pedestals if at the end of the day the story is all about independence? fine,when you choose a figure of authority you are being autonomous because you are choosing, but why choose at all then? why shouldn't you be your own authority and fine that is nihilism but i'm sure one can achieve a happy enough balance between having some kind of values and not deferring to a fictive have the choice to love him or loathe him but kya faida agar end main you're still living in the king's dominion?!

we won the match!!! we are superstars, next stop world cup :D

sarosh is so cool, other than being really smart and funny she can play the cello, i'm impressed to death. i've always wanted to play the cello. wah bhai, ju are tha most chaayi hui aurat ev-er.

the toitle's name is smee. 'mistah smeee! and just where do you think YOU are going?' i can speako the whole of peter pan with the movie hehe another one of my unsung talents ;)

i wonder if floozer down there has come home yet, the little vagabond! what d'you do with a vagabond anyway, i wonder. like women who married sailors in the old poems- the sea was their mistress, and "a veng'ful and possessive" one that that. methinks adventures in tandem are the bester adventures. that way there are two noses to be thumbed at madame l'eau.

i know why you make me sad- the life you have chosen is cheapening you, and i dislike seeing you barter the clear flame of your light for such meagre, transient satisfactions.

more or less everyone is here from the faaren which is great, i will now commence planning picnic that was put on hold for everyone to arrive. and i have also decided that tammy is my most extremely favourite distantcousin, you are such a good man mashallah if you ever become a cheapster i'll kill you.

g-string and i have plotted an adventure in our car rides to and from shaadis and dholkis. she is going ahead with the before me to scope it out but we are both thrilled and looking forward to the brouhaha.

i miss you. i was trying to devise a way to talk to you but i haven't found one yet. maybe it's too soon to be able to accept that talking to thin air is the closest i'll ever be now.

enough babbling off to bed

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