Friday, December 23, 2005

i just had the funniest adventure ever!! i was at shehla khala's and needed a ride to campus, and one-hair had gone off to get petrol so i am waiting in the verandah and it turns out that he went to get gas not for the civic but the daala!!! at this point i must clarify that the daala is not your average miskeen tin-can little pickup; it is a hulking, battered blue monster truck that rumbles and growls like the hippopotamus in james and the giant peach, and the horn is no ordinary truck horn, but a SIREN (i kid you not, it WAILS like an ambulance)!!!! understandably the cook and the guard are having their misgivings about my delicate flower self climbing aboard this tank but the delicate flower was close to being late for a quiz so she marched up to the machine, swung herself into the front seat and was carried off in said chariot. one-hair drives like a maniac, and thus i found myself about ten feet from the ground in a rumbling, roaring truck as one-hair skilfully sirened and flash-lighted his way down the street, plowing down cycle wallahs and pedestrians and the one cultus whose passengers turned around to gawk at the menacing steed of the gods blast by. this growling elephantine truck then zoomed onto campus, where i jumped off (literally, the truck is enormously high) at the front entrance to a parting squawk of the siren horn and a friendly engine growl and the incredulous gawps of the thin dupatta-head-covered girls wafting about the stairs. i then laughed all the way to class- this is just my kind of adventure :D who needs a ruksh when you can have a daala? hahahhaa i gotta get me a monster truck!

a homerism from yesterday's episode:
"oh nooooo! i'm a rageaholic!! i can't live without rageahol!!!"

Mina at 6:19 PM