Friday, December 02, 2005

the good news is that it isn't
a) genetic
b) forever
c) gout (although i had a good laugh at breakfast thinking about that, "what's wrong with your knee?" "oh, must be my gout acting up" hahaha gule would get such a big kick out of that)

the bad news is that

a) i have to 'take it easy' (its means what?)
b) no tennis (boo hoo i really miss wumblewee)
c) no dancing
d) no dancing
e) did i mention no dancing?

until it gets better. i will be good, Great Cartilage Goddess, please make 'until' real soon. and i also love painkillers (which is a sentence i didn't ever see myself oh well at least it isn't anti-depressants hehee)

Mina at 2:28 PM