Friday, December 09, 2005

existentialism is downright fun. i get a little thrill when shahid hussain's voice squeaks on an impassioned 'live, and live dangerously!' or when he shakes his head and gruffly dismisses all neutral people as liars. i get a big fat kick from all his exhortations to 'defeat, and be defeated!' (he doesn't speak without an exclamation mark inflection). it's all so dynamic and dangerous and adventure sounding...don't be afraid of consequences, accept yourself as you are because self-rejection is bad's all really positive, nahien? live, and live dangerously. sartre. i like that. making things you want happen, and there's nothing you can't make happen. you got da powaaah. always pushing a boundary, pushing limits, poking and prodding and phaddafying; insisting on engaging with a world that doesn't necessarily want to engage with you but no! let it shine, let it shine, let it shine. but that's a little iffy also in that it's yucky when people are like arggh dafa ho get out of my space and you're like naee naee let me in la la and throwing shoes at their door and basically being a total turkey...i sounds a little be-izzaty. someone's saying flip off and die and you're like ha nahien karti karlo jo karna hai. hmm. i don't know. i suppose it's all in the way you say it, like that song in ahmed's car that starts "mother, brother, father. iss line main hum tumharey baap lagtey hain" (the boys, they are big fans of chichoray gaanay) and then a lot of remixed weird stuff. but if it's all about being a pain in the arse and letting other people be a pain in yours then i think i'm already an existentialist. no, scratch that, a thinker, and that also only sometimes. but if someone offered me the nobel prize you can bet your last pair of clean chuddies i would take it.

Mina at 1:49 PM