Friday, October 07, 2005

sleeping people fascinate me. i went around the house once, early in the morning when the light is a pale, crisp white-blue (like boy-shirts almost) with my camera and took pictures of my family sleeping...the satisfied, knowing little 'boink' my canon makes when it takes pictures woke them up for a second, but the prowler's job was done! bwaha! sleeping people are yummy, the way they mash their cheeks into their pillows or twitch a toe sometimes, or smile and mumble things when they roll over. i could watch people sleep for ages- i think your face says several things it would never dream of saying (pun not intended lol) while you're awake.

mummy-daddy couples annoy me. let me rephrase that: mummy-daddy engaged people couples annoy me. what're you being so prissy for? you're getting married, if you hold you fiance/e's hand the world will not implode, promise :P of course, if you ask your mother for permission to go out for dinner, then we might have a situation on our hands.

first quasi-official (or public?) gay marriage in pakistan. err. don't know what to make of it; it isn't like there aren't any homosexuals in pakistan- in fact, it's becoming less and less of a big deal to be gay/lesbian. of course, the fact that the 'groom' is 42 and paid 40,000 bucks to marry his 16 year old 'bride' is disgusting- but the report doesn't mention coercion or force or threat of violence so maybe barkis was willin', and the money was his mehr. khekhe PC or un-PC, that just sounds funny khekhekhe

i found 'my sassy girl' in my CDs! 'do you want to die?' hahahahaha what a lovely film it is, i'm going to watch it again tomorrow :D it's got a funny sound thing; left speaker 'tune' karo to you hear korean, right speaker chinese, in-between something that sounds like both. hehehehe...
'do you want to die?'
'then take your shoes off!'
and she wears his sneakers and he has to wear her heels in the rain...hahaha...ooh and the PA system scene...main abhi dekh rahi hoon busss

hein, bhook lagi

Mina at 1:09 PM