Monday, October 10, 2005

money? we don't need money. the last thing on everyone's minds shouldn't be 'lets show america a thing or two by raising more than their donation', it should be 'what needs to be done the most'. and 'the most' is getting together as many physical supplies as possible. we need food, liquids, warm things, medicines and most of all, kafan ka kapra- shrouds. gule's father is shuttling back and forth from muzaffarabad and islamabad (he works for the government) and he says that bodies are lying on the roadside. there is nothing left in kashmir; no government buildings, no shops; houses fell into the river neelam with people inside them still. the PM's donation fund is viable and i'm told that it's being put to proper use. but the thing that kills me the most is that we've only got 30 helicopters to airlift supplies into mazaffarabad and rawalakot and mansehra. 30 helicopters to deliver aid, medicines, doctors to 20,000 people. this is what 'third world' means...this is what it means: when everything you have isn't good enough, isn't fast enough not because of a lack of initiative or effort, but because that's just all you've got and where will you find more?

nobody on the other side of the pond seems to care what's going on at home; not even my little brother. it's pretty sad that 20,000 people can die here and you not even want to ask if we're okay. shame on you...remember the neelam hotel, the room of the nocturnal ice-cream? it's gone now, it collapsed into the river. remember the karahi at bagh? bagh's gone too. remember how close f-10 is to taya's house? that's where the tower fell. don't tell me three weeks have changed you that much, don't tell me you were too busy to notice, to call, to even write. hudd hogayi, ho kya gaya hai? is it so easy to forget all feeling?

Mina at 1:36 AM