Monday, October 17, 2005

i'm such a bozo!! I MISSED CLASS CAUSE I FORGOT ABOUT RAMZAN TIMINGS!!!! because i was thinking about the link H sent me and the nation wala telephone directory i saw in the morning that i wanted to find online and post because it was so madly helpful i think for people who want to contact people-in-charge up north so i went straight to the lab and even wondered on my way why sana was whizzing off down the hall as if she were in a mad rush to get to class when we were so early...and directory bhi nahien mili, will have to wait to go home to do something about it...hahaha...oh noooo dimagh ki chutney ban gayi hai i tell you; i was talking to g-string yesterday and she mentioned that it'd been just over a week since the earthquake happened, and both of us were pretty stunned. longest week of our lives, feels like a month's elapsed.

so the link.
this is a list of medical supplies needed the most right now. if you're donating medical supplies or know someone who is, read this before you go about it so you'll have a good idea of what to send. funnily enough so far all the medical donations i know of have come from doctors. oh haaaan and doctor's hospital is offering free operations for earthquake victims.

i'm a crackpot, i swear i'm absolutely gonzo, now i'm going to shut myself up in the library and study til' four to punish myself. and also smell the books in the khalid ishaque wing bwahahaa but Allah Miyaan SAVE this poor dotty woman, if i could blush i would be red as my toenails, it's just too much to miss class, for whatever good cause it was. i don't believe it, and it only ocurred to me that something was amiss when the boys sitting adjacent to my computer went shooting off like spitwads to 'get to class' and then the bulb watted into life: OHHHHH NOOOOOO! and without further ado i am going to go and work now. for real. promise.

Mina at 11:22 AM