Tuesday, October 11, 2005

CNN says that balakot's "lost a generation" to the collapsing of the school. images i saw yesterday included a bearded man with a pickaxe gingerly clearing rubble away from around a grey, lifeless hand. the army camp at fortress needs volunteers to help pack supplies.

and for all the random (random because i can otherwise tell who certain anonymouses are)anonymous folks leaving their delightful little pearls of good cheer, please take your pissies somewhere else. if you don't like what you read, tough cookies. this is enough of a tense and worried time for everyone and i for one don't have the patience to deal with nameless inaneties on this blog. anonymous laga do and poori duniya aajayegi to harass you for having an opinion. i've no issue with criticism- i am perfectly aware of the nature of what i put up on gorpy- but i do have issue with BS. if you have something to say, put your name to it and go right ahead. and if you don't have anything constructive to say, i'd rather you didn't say anything at all because i'd hate to cut off people who don't have blog sign-ins from commenting.

gule says that houses built on mountains fell into rivers after the tremors, fell right in- with people still inside them. mostly women and children i'm assuming, because most of the men come down south in search of work. shouldn't that also mean some flooding? i hope not...
been trying to connect the LUMS efforts with gule's government people in islamabad; everyone's sending supplies but i feel it's all over the place...but i also suppose that in the short-term and the state of the roads, a constant barrage of relief teams will mean at least some will be getting through, if not all. can't we parachute things in, if we don't have enough helicopters? attach parachutes to cartons or something, or send them upriver? no i'm not being funny, i genuinely want to know if alternative options like those are available. who to ask..

tony wrote that he was proud of how everyone's rallying round. i agree one hundred percent: good show, everyone. jolly good show, as amenbob likes to say. CNN's highlighted the Lahore Metblog as a place to go for information and how to help; in the morning the RJ on the radio was reading out information from the metblog too...and i will allow some pride to seep into that, the team's been doing wonderfully and its actually making a difference. YESSSS!

Mina at 9:18 AM