Friday, September 02, 2005

this is just for you, moieezee shaggy-man...i haff found some internet to use, hooray...afsos, the three years of free free freeeee internet are no more, we are all sad at home and if that wasn't enough, abbu decided to send our telly- which is ancient but has a nice big screen- to the telly-fixer, the sound was beginning to fade in and out. one thing led to another and we haven't had, in a nuthsell, a telly for about a week now. after sana spent three days in literal mourning, looking like someone'd broken her heart, taken her rubber collection and used her hairbrush we took pity on her and borrowed barri ammi's telly. which is older than all of us combined, one of those tellies that are encased in a wood structure, like old station wagons! and the remote is this huge block of faded buttons and it's such a funny television set but sana's chirping and singing and pinching my arm in joy because now rockstar inxs is hers to obsess over once more! yaay! hehehe my only sorrow is that i borrowed 'almost famous' from minu almost a week ago and i haven't been able to see it kyunke the telly is so old that the DVD player can't be plugged into it :O hehehe i love the quaintness of that.

so i've been reading. no surprise in that, but classes begin monday (oh, the horror, oh the depression, i am so sad) and i'm hysterically reading like come monday my books will evaporate. before starting shantaram i set myself an ultimatum: no starting new book until old books are read to the end. so i finally finished *drumroll* maps for lost lovers and broken verses, and am presently working on the last segment of the unbearable lightness of being . mina of a thousand moods has recently developed the strange habit of not reading books to the end (there are several reasons for this that i will not expunge (expunge always makes me think of something that needs to be plunged clear) presently). so. i did it. more on that later.

babiieessssss! i finally got to hold alena who is the softest little marshmallow baby ever born :) and daaniyah is awake now so i think i will go and squish her awhile and watch tom and jerry. and we threw amenbob cokepants a lovely surprise although everyone didn't scream surprise (it was only me caterwauling in my flued voice) and only the Maq and I sung happy birthday loud enough (Mo did too but LOUDAAHHH BAY-BEE) (ooo Mo was one of the Three Stooges and she's got shaggy hair too HAHAHAA) and everoyne insulted the cake before gobbling it up *glower* matlab it's party rainbow sprinkle, white cake with colourful little yummy bits in it and matching icing and what does everoyne have to say? 'is that chicken spread on the cake?' 'is that cake?' 'didn't you find any chocolate?' i knew the plebs would say that but kheyurr. hum aisey hi hain, chocolate cake ke bachey. next time :) but it went well, balloons bhi aagaye in spite of the 'juma juma everything will be closed' smugness of ali and amma and cokepants was surprised so yeeaayayyyyyyy overall, i've been grinning all day. i love love love into infinity surprises.

Mina at 3:16 PM