Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Several Things Mina Does Not Like: A Pissy Rant In A Few Succinct Bullet Points
  1. People who think they are being cool when they are in fact not.
  2. Not being asked enough questions.
  3. Potentially not having a job even though I have the grade(s). Again.
  4. Bi-polarity.
  5. Not having phone credit.
  6. People looking to see if my oyster tunic will in fact go transparent in the rain. No it will not you pervy freak, do you think I don't have a window to look out of when I dress?
  7. Lying photocopy men. Why are all photocopy men liars and jerks to you unless you give them what is quaintly referred to as 'a dressing-down'?

okbye. time to explain bacon to someone.

Mina at 2:14 PM