Sunday, September 11, 2005

i wish to report that i have broken my first guitar pick. i was la-la strumming away really hard and having a ball doing it and the next thing i know the pick is broken. the only sadness is that it was one of the two picks jeeda terror gave me and i really liked it; thin picks sound i'm using the stiff blue one that came with clarissa and i don't like it too much; it isn't bendy and it makes clarissa sound like a man :P is that true? does your pick influence the way you sound? i think it does. but i've kept the broken (RED! t'was RED) pick anyway. i'm such a memory pack rat, when i'm dead my grandchildren will be able to chart every year of my life from all the dated, preserved stuff i've had kept in trunks and drawers and boxes.

deep purple's smoke on the water is gooooood. the chorus is so-so but i quite like the central guitar riff going on, and the funky vibe...and the solo, woo hoo for the solo! it'd be brilliant in the car, really loud...or in concert, ahhhhh! and the weather is so beautiful that if i knew hymms i would stand on the terrace and sing them at the top of my lungs.

Mina at 2:15 PM