Friday, September 09, 2005

I am extremely pleased with myself- I found Lata and Mukesh’s (Mukesh hi tha na?) versions of Chandan sa Badan online, which is byoootiful; Nani’s favourite song. The only downside is that I can’t save it, it plays on its own little player thingamajig but it’s all right…if only our new internet wasn’t so abysmally bad! I’d be listening to Buble online too- his site’s fab, plays everything superduper quick even on dial-up. Speaking of music, y’all have got to listen to Omar Bhai on City FM89, he does a show at nine? p.m on Mondays and is pots of fun.

Had a girly day with the Reens yesterday, mani-pedi thisthat, ate Nirala Snipz and rasmalai and the aunty thought my flask was a giant baby bottle hahaha...and Tom Yang Goong and I let Reenie eat all the shrimps otherwise December tak taaney sunnti about how Mina the sneaky-weaky ate all the shrimps and left her to starve on water and tissues *lol* And today Chatkhara which was great too, with Butt and Ammar and Reenie, fully fun spontaneous plan which also included debating the doability of red cars (extremely doable) and tramping up and down Defence Market looking for the world's perfectest, non-squashed, not-pink, not-flowery-with-'With Tha Bast Wishes Yours Ever Loving, not-strange-silk-cloth-looking-m0re-like-Quran-cover envelope for money...which we found, sort of. hehehe. End main R was getting huffy about us taking forever ('put it in this samuari jack poster! this one! this one!'), methinks A and I have unearthed the world's only way to beat her at her own game, LOL!

I have a class at eight-thirty AM- yes, that's right folkses, eight thirty in the morning, twice a week, a hundred minutes long. Evolution of Economic Development with Khurram Husain intelligent but over-driven man, maker of killer tests and teller of stories of merciless teachers who wouldn't give his students the one mark they needed to avoid a C that would get them drafted to fight in Vietnam (he agreed with this method 101 percent). T'was interesting, the way his voice faded in...and out....and in...and out....between people gabbling about western hegemony and random economics majors bullshitting about how to measure HDI. It's fascinating to listen to people making things up; I was marking CP the other day for my TA class and for the first time I realised that as a senior I actually do know something: college thus far felt like a great big jack of all trades kind of an experience....Intro to Philo is such a basic little course, I never thought of it before until I was sitting there listening to Dr. G prompt the class for what 'Euthyphro' is supposed to signify...and I felt very wise and old, but only for a little's hard to be old and wise when your toenails are fire-engine red and you're wearing a t-shirt with a bloodied klashinkov toting Anjuman on it- 'honor kill this, baby!' (man alive I adore that shirt!).

Furrukh gave my copy of Maps to the photocopier!!!!!! My hardback, Chughtai-jacketed handled like a Faberge egg Maps for Lost Lovers has been GIVEN TO BE PHOTOCOPIED, I'm in utter shock at his treachery. He was extremely amused, but if I get a mangled book back plaster is going to be falling from the SS wing roof.

Going to go see art exhibition at Alhamra Art Gallery tomorrow; 53 works of art on display....9 to 5, ends this week I think. Pabulum, yay!

Our keyboard died yesterday, it just went into a coma and left me high and dry; end main I opened up the character map, picked out an emergency message and pasted that since only the mouse was working, hahahahah everything's falling apart in this house, everything's being relegated to the 'naye ghar main' section of life that thus far includes a new telly, random furniture and yummy things at Source and a new computer....hehehe utter madness, Ali's laptop came with a printer-scanner-faxer breadbox of a hp machine so we've got a techno gizmo hooked up to our ancient doddering computer...khekhe

Talking to Omer today, he wants to be a- drumroll, please- systems biologist, which is a fascinating jumble of math and computers and high-tech whizbang schnoodle that one can use primarily for disease research, specifically genetic because it tracks the chemistry going on in a cell and how fast it's dividing so you can predict the onset of diseases and their duration and things like that. Aldous Huxley would be jumping and waving pom-poms with the rest of the 1984-wagon gang with something like that.

Reading 'Life of Pi' (yes, finally, I've my own strange timetable of reading books) and I wonder how fun it would be to have a name like Piscine Molitor- something mundane but deliciously, insanely different because it's a name, like being called Apple or Phoenix or Anarkali (which I found a perfectly lovely name when I was younger. The expression of said opinion resulted in several minutes of hysterical laughter amidst my peers but I still think that it wasn't so bad. Same as 'chupkali', where in the world did a lizard get a poetic name like that? Hidden flower, hardly. hahahah imagine being called Chupkali Khan, for example. Chupkali Malik. LOL!). There's a kid called Bilal Chaudhry in the soph batch, he's in my philo class too...puura LUMS wonders what his parents were thinking *lol*

Gonna get Daddy to get me books!!!! *maniacal, acquisitive glint of faaren bookshopses endless possibility in eye* I discovered I have one more guitar pick than I thought but don't tell Tina because he'll try to pinch it; t'isn't my fault he melted the one I gave him :P

We're doing Prob and Stats on Excel. Wah. And Cadbury's Cherry Burst is not as gorgeous as the name implies. At all. And I'm falling asleep so g'bye until I next find time to blog; in the absence of internet and keyboards and computers I've taken to writing in real life about the strange furtive hoggy way the boy across me in the cafeteria was eating a sandwich today and how the girl across the aisle didn't fit together properly and also how grown-up my little baby brother looks wearing his glasses and tapping at his laptop even though I know he's playing Warcraft...and the fugue issue is still unresolved, 'tis bouncing about in my head like an escaped toddler from a bounce house who hasn't jumped its jiggles out properly (twirl, bebby, twirl:) ) and I must find a way to catch it in my net and pin it softly down long enough to brush some its fairy dust onto my fingertips...a wordidopterist, catching words instead of dreams (remember the BFG?)...and maybe both, sometimes when I'm lucky :)

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