Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Gullible's Travels
Amenbob is right; S. Morgenstern didn't write 'The Princess Bride'!!!! It was William Goldman all along!!! HAW! I'm actually kind of affronted! Not only is Cokepants right but the entire book is based on a LIE! BOOOOOOO! I don't care if Cervantes did it too, all the comfy goodness of the father edit-reading the book and the son's fascination with the story has been pulverized in one swift and lethal Google search and I am a little sad now. At least I don't have to believe that Alice in Wonderland is an acid trip. Because it isn't. Carroll was too much of a mummy-daddy for that.

No title ;)
Wilson Hammer blah-dee-bloo, tennis technicalities are much gobbledygook; good thing Gasolina and I had a little chat about ballay (I like calling all hitty-things ballay instead of bat and makes for funner mental images hehe) otherwise I could have ended up with a monster heavy pro balla just because it was red in the picture and a fancy-shancy name like Wilson UberSupreme 6.7 Court Blaster Ninja Special. Is it possible to have a wrist not condusive towards playing tennis? The coach says I hold my balla wrong but neener-neener-nyah, holding it itna neecha like he says makes my wrist say 'abbaaaaayyyy kya kar rahi ho tuuuuumm?'

After going through Lahore with a lice comb looking for the perfect birthday present (a singularly unfruitful search, never ever allow your discerning taste to be molested by picky-picky friends, no matter how long you've known them or how many cinnamon rolls you get out of the entire process;) ) , I've found several things to spend my very-future birthday riches on. But someone please get me 'The Little Mermaid' on DVD, wrapped up sparkly. My video's been deceased for ages. And 'Amelie', because I love it and wish to see it a thousand times more.

H is coming, yeaay! Her CTS makes me worried but Inshallah she will be peachy fine. Why?Because I say so, achaw. And my granny says Allah Miyaan bachon ki dua sunnta hai and we are all babies, only look grownuppy and drive cars and laugh loftily at GRE word lists. Off to smack some balls around now *trying not to laugh pervily*

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