Monday, August 29, 2005

on books

‘…as in the security of the situation where infinite perfections fill the gap between the little-given and the great promised- the great grey rose-grey never-to-be-had.’

Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita

Amidst his great leaps of fantastic prose, long lithe arms turning and folding and opening like a flower from the sides of a slender body as it pirouettes in a dewy gossamer dress on spangled grass at a bright, crisp dawn, Nabokov combines sheer art with the matter-of-fact voice of humanity, always keeping his reader within the bounds of earth, but staring up into the fireworks he alchemises. Why hasn't anyone given him a Nobel Prize for Literature yet?!

on wedding music

Desi music rocks (pun not intended). Indian film songs that bounce and skip and do a rippling bhangra across your shoulders, random fusion music, sab chalta hai. Wedding music's fantastic, and you never hear a song you danced to at X's wedding without doing the steps in your head :D But when they start playing the jazz at dinnertime you still want to dance, a mazay ka little waltz. The good thing about being the afterbirth of colonialism is that in a weird way you've the best of both worlds.

on tissues

There should be fun tissues, why are tissues always classic and white or pale pink or peach or blue or lilac or lemon: you get the direction this is going in....regular tissues are in regular rectangle boxes in regular wishy-washy pastels. Why? Why don't 'they' make tissues in...circular boxes, rainbow coloured, or in triangle boxes that look like volcanoes and the tissues be red and orange and yellow that you pull out of the apex like lava :D That'd be awesome! And patterned ones, smiley face ones to put in hospitals and teddy bears for babies and cartoon people for little kids (and some big kids too *grin*)....and toilet roll like police yellow lines, only with 'Health Department' and 'TOXIC' on it, or just gas masks printed on plain white in olive green hehahahahaha

Mina at 11:39 AM