Friday, August 12, 2005

~gorpy's pick of the quite-some-time!~
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first and foremost: will ya take a look at that fancy old button in the sidebar? it's the lahore metblog button, and if you refresh the page, the image will change! isn't that all 3-D glasses cool? now run and read it, and link it to your blogs/web sites with gay abandon, we'd like pots of publicity please :D
new blogs on the list...we've moizza's very excellent modernity's discontent; one of my overly-smart friends who graduated early, but you'd never think she was this smart- hahaha! three and a half stars for my favourite multinational-wali :)
next up is um...hi. don't let the wishy-washy, toe-in-sand title fool you, fareed's blog is a deliciously pissed off little amalgamation of well-written, in-your-face phlegm. four stars for the vitriol, extra points for having changed the background to black from it's shudder-fest of vomit mustard.
third, my most recent linky (read: five minutes ago) is shelving randomness, which is probably the best way to describe a blog...only saed isn't random at all, churing out some poetry that takes remarkable turns often. my personal favourite is 'inverted bathtub'; have a look and tell me what you think. four stars; 'i had to steal you/i would have become a thief,/if you’d let me.' from his latest offering pushed it up :)
while we're on poetry, please go and look at bilal's musing on love this time. it's stunning, and i don't say that often. and then tell him that he's a poet, not a prose boy; some things have a way of doing a chicken dance in the background: obvious to everyone except the person behind whose back the chicken is dancing.
two songs that make for renewed hilarity are green day's basket case and garbage's i'm only happy when it rains. uncanny! hehehe...
i'm reading a.s byatt's possession (someone i know has a signed copy of it....gotta go study at an ivy league, buss!), and she makes me feel like a philistine. for the first time in my life i've had to look up words from a book! imagine! like kids did in eighth grade with summer school reading lists that i had read already! ha! glaucous, for instance....eik to dictionary main hi nahien tha, hahaha! just goes to show you never really know everything, unfortunately;) also reading the infamous lolita and i have to say, nabokov is something fantastic with the way he structures images, the way humbert humbert sees's absolutely phenomenal. brilliant stuff. of course, dbc pierre's vernon god little is maddening and was abandoned after the inital quarter of it, its level of opression is rivalled only by doris lessing's, and that, ducklings, is saying much.

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