Saturday, July 16, 2005

some well-meaning person read this and said i write like mohsin hamid. i am so insulted; nobody's ever compared my work to anyone else's and i don't like it! i don't sound 'mohsin-hamidish'! fine, i liked 'moth smoke' but *pulling face*!!! i don't write like one-hit wonder hamid, nooooooooooooooooooo!! I SOUND LIKE ME!!!! i'd wail plaintively but i think i have tonsillitis (i don't, i googled it [aadat par gayi hai haha] and i don't have a fever, chills, loss of voice or a tender jaw/throat, but it hurts like bloody hell. i've never been hospitalised for anything, but maybe a tonsillectomy would be interesting; appendixes are potentially scarring and i like my saris too much to go thataway) so i can't. already expended it on coaxing amma into playing scrabble with me :) but mohsin hamid! cripes! i have pop appeal?! *pulls another face* i don't think i'm very pleased with the prospect. but this awami blog could be construed as pop appeal too. oh dear. hahahaha! this is funny now :)

Mina at 7:35 PM