Saturday, July 23, 2005

'so spake X to Y' - a story in two stanzas and holey spacing with springs and some foam stuffing.

they are old as glass particles

on a beach, as random. and

one bolt from the blue

is all it takes for glass particles

to become a funny lump

only they think is pretty

otherwise looks like mad

ness, and falling from a high

cliff with no

parachute, and like drinking

cough syrup on an empty

stomach and thinking the world

is after all flat, because their

souls are so old they stamp their

letters shut on red wax and the press

of a heavy gold and garnet ring and

think the earth is the centre of the

universe and still write letters with

real stamps and addressed in flowing

black inked cursive handwriting, and

listen to grunge music and other strange

things. but they are funny, like that. the

letters still fascinate, they are quite

another world nobody has ever been

to before, and there is no

television there, which is quite

like heaven. only books. and that

is something i bet you have never

known because we us all walk about

much too awake to live properly

because life begins with a dream

dreamt on a blob of

fused glass particles and fusion, as

you know, is

irreversible if you do it properly.

Mina at 11:10 PM