Friday, July 08, 2005

"So, how was your day?"

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting a doctor who is not only good at math (!) but also made TWO seven-letter words, one on a triple-word score in ONE GAME! And also ‘wizen’ which is a singularly good word, but I beat him for that game. I salute you, and look forward to playing s’more (one-all, tie must be broken!); next time I’ll bring my silver-bag Scrabble :)

Yesterday there were also the explosions in London and around it; bombs exploding too close to family- King’s Cross? Bloody hell, Safia commutes via there every single day back and forth UCL, had Daddy call and make sure everything was okay.

Yesterday was the most beautiful sunset I've seen in a long, long while. I wanted to be absorbed into the sky; at once watercolour washed but vibrant, thrumming with the intensely concentrated light of a setting sun. I put my hands out of the window in the car, and wiggled my fingers in the bright, pale almost-pink orange, the grey-blue shot with mauve.

Yesterday was a good lunch. Met a friend after a long time, made a new one.

Yesterday was one of the few times I have been stunned into speechlessness.

Yesterday I got me some bubble-mix and a bubble-stick, and blew the biggest, beautifullest bubbles in the world. Some glowed magenta in the centre, some bright blue, some flew into the sky and some skipped across the grass, and they were all magic.

Yesterday Nana was better.

Yesterday they were playing Frank Sinatra at Zouk, barely audible above the noise but it doesn't take much to recognize familiar things. It was drizzling outside; a gentle, sweet spray. In the small things lie the real erosion.

Yesterday it occurred to me that my destiny, I think, is one that will play itself out very differently from that of the people around me. This is not because I am a super-duper genius butterfly person, but just that I've the strongest feeling I've been written differently. If this is daunting it is only because it will be a very lonesome path to walk. Alone I don't mind, neither uncharted. Lonely I do.

Yesterday no kitty to nap on my tummy. I miss my crazy big-eared kitten. He's been washed out of my bathroom and my room, and the floors are alienly cool, smelling like damp earth to my bare feet.

Mina at 2:15 PM