Tuesday, July 19, 2005

sana just left for iran. good; she needs to do big-person things like go to faaren country with fifteen other kids on a bus for forty hours and be away for fifteen days. vaisay that's long; i've been properly away from home a week, week and a half tops. this is lambi dair. i told her i'd wear all her clothes and use the bag she never lets me use because she thinks i'll break with with my junk. but then again, she obsesses a little too much about material bozo things like if-i-use-the-fancy-rubber-kharab-hojayega or don't-wear-my-shoes-you'll-stretch-them. hehe. she took an abaya with her too....hehe...although i kept waving 'letter from tehran' from newsweek where the bandi was talking about irani fashionistas and how the morals police is pretty relaxed now so you can get away with a not-so-big scarf and a chic belted coat instead of an abaya but noooo noone listens to the kitaabi keera, haha. i always get the job of being the gruff old curmudegeon in senti situations like these- 'paahhh, it's HIGH time she went off adventuring on her old', thisthat. someone should get me a pipe for occasions like these

'scent of a woman' dekh ke i now want to learn to tango. looks like fantastic, show-offy fun.

every time someone tells me 'you don't understand' i want to throw rocks. yes i do, even if i don't have real life to back me up. i do.

reason #65345 to love me mum:
i describe someone as being 'serene, sitting on the sofa like a sphinx'
she laughs, lighting up in precise recognition, and then repeats it to my khala! this is heap big deal because my parents are the kind of parents who never make a fuss over anything you do- some parents can't stop yakking on and on about how wonderful and amazing their children are because they can swim two laps of breast-stroke or i don't know, can fart the national anthem. but my parents? good job, shabash, a pleased grin and buss. no footoo in paper or much mention beyond the immediate family. i don't mind, it makes the times when they do so much more special.

today is today, and you know...it hasn't gone out. chess with you, or nobody else, karlo jo karna hai. which is not much. wish i could slap you silly and then steal your 'crime and punishment' and run off. then you'd have to come for revenge.

a pretty white kitty with pale green eyes had kittens in our store!! three white and a little dark grey ( a spot or two) little butterballs! not at all like my waif little yoda, whose picture i was trying to upload via blogger but potty internet, so will do it later. sigh. how d'you get over not having an inquisitive little baby around all the time? i don't know. much the same as anything else, i s'pose- you have to. personally, you don't have to anything, but i'm going to read harry potter now and i don't have brainpower enough to mull over that right now. it's a reading day, and on reading days i'm good only for scrunching up on a sofa with a book and food at random intervals. ali is bringing a pizza and he and i will read like mad fools :D
summer break's wonderful; i'm plowing through the tower on my bedside and lovin' it. i only see people i want to, i check my mail only when i feel like it and i read all day. will commence swimming soon. what a fun i am having :D

i can't get noo....no no no! hey hey hey! that's what i say! hahahahahahahhahaha how apt

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