Saturday, July 30, 2005

Random Quiz Time! YAAY!

If your hot favorite Hollywood celebrity threw up on you, how would you react?
Puke back. People throwing up elicit an identical reaction in me.

2. What is the color of the clock (not watch) that is nearest to you?
Bright pink

3. Who is your action comic hero?
I don’t read action comics, although Donald Duck and the duck-lot had lots of adventures…

4. Do you have any weird unconscious habits?
If they’re unconscious, why d’you think I’d know? I do nibble the inside of my mouth though I’ve been told it makes me look broody.

5. Would you let your partner watch his/her favorite TV show if yours is also on, on a different channel?
As long as it weren’t wrestling, or Mister Bean :P and I think I’d make him go back to my show during the adverts between his show :D

6. Two opposite words which describe you are:
Cheerful and sarcastic

7. "I have been misunderestimated." George W. Bush's claim in one of his speeches. What do you think?
hahahahahahaha that’s a funny word

8. You wake up one morning and find a million dollars under your bed. What would you do with the money?
Buy houses for shanty-town people and a first edition of 'Alice in Wonderland', if there's anything left over :)

9. What is the scariest headline in today's newspaper?
Well, that MSN page says Britney Spears is having a baby…

10. If you could design a flag for a country, what would it look like?
It’d be yellow, that’s for sure.

11. You cried while watching this movie:-
Gee, lemme see, I think the list for the ones I haven’t cried at will be shorter. ‘Life is Beautiful’, off the top of my head.

12. You cried while reading this book:-
’Angela’s Ashes’, amongst others. Order of the Phoenix too, just slammed the thing shut and burst into tears.

13. What's on T.V?
Smallville on DVD

14. Life is...
Better wth practice

15. Did you enjoy filling this questionnaire.
Sure, I’m a writer. They make a living on getting people to read random stuff.

Mina at 1:33 PM