Tuesday, July 12, 2005

okay monkeees! FINALS OVAAARRRR YEEAAYYY!!! time to sleep my brains out into the pillow; been working since friday and i am tha dead tired (see, this mad language comes jumping out every time i read maira's blog and then post). the only hand for this paper (other than really not knowing latent coding kya hota hai and penning some supremo semantic bullshit lol 'hmm latent means this so latent coding must be this this this') is the late boy who ran in and happened to be seated next to me. and my nose dropped off my face, i kid you not. boo ke bhabkay, my pen froze on question ten as my olfactory senses began to shrivel up and die. i tried discreetly covering my nose with my dupatta but then i thought that the stink bomb's feelings might be hurt at such a display, albeit covert so i didn't. then i valiantly tried to concentrate on smelling my perfume, but the stink bomb was too potent, and i can never smell my own perfume anyway so that didn't work. end main i stuck it out, finished up and fled. i am a valiant, tactful woman, clad in ice-lolly orange, my halo gloweth orangely. and my finals are over, jaisey taisey karkey, and i'm going to see a dear friend in a bit and hopefully i am getting a new book, prasuntt. lots of books to read. yummy. time to hunt down mehreen the booknapper now.

random aside: barefoot in the grass is beautiful. and babies are like pudding. and i miss my kitty, amongst other things.

Mina at 10:31 AM