Wednesday, July 13, 2005

made pancakes today, sang a little song and made pancakes for the Mean Girls plus Honorary Girl. would have done a little dance but it wasn't my kitchen and not my khansamah being traumatised by this girl who strode in and started ordering him around (albiet nicely, and just for plates and things). so i made pancakes, and made shapey ones too! alphabets and a heart; amena a.k.a stalwart kitchen compantion who got messier than me helping, bless her *grin* challenged me to a star but that was a bit much.

three trains crashed into one another in karachi. almost two hundred people are dead. i hope to Allah nobody from LUMS was on any of them. not that non-LUMS people don't count as much, but you know what i mean. emergency about the chenab flooding is better; evacuations have been carried out. sialkot, jhang, gujrat and a few other places. really want to jump an eidhi ambulance and get there. doctry karni chahieye thi.

london blasts, 3 pakistanis suspected. this is just out of order; i understand helplessness and frustration, but i do not understand the targeting of civilians. fine, they voted in the government that supports the mess in iraq but as a people they also made the most noise about the war. Islam is NOT about killing people. you can't fight one kind of ignorance with another, you only make a bigger mess of things. you should be better, you should be better than this. they are unfair, they are ugly; i don't dispute it- but don't stoop to their level. don't give them a reason to come after you with more force than before.

i keep smelling agarbati right now, through the cooler air. rose agarbati out of nowhere, constantly. nobody's burning incense outside or inside. grandparent must be close :)

Mina at 9:42 PM