Tuesday, July 12, 2005

i really love kids, all shapes and size and age. i love their pixie sparkly eyes, the sound of their laughter, their ingenuous assertions of affection, the smallness of their hands and feet. i love their shy darting smiles, how simple their priorities are, their sense of wonder and discovery of the world, the size of their shoes (specially sneakers that squeak), small pierced ears, how soft their hair is. the way their legs don't reach the ground when they sit on grown-up chairs (they are wont to swing their feet). the way their faces light up when they see people they like, the way sub nakhrey ammi dekh kar yaad aajatey hain, that they're mostly always ticklish. the way they grin and clap their hands when everyone is laughing at something, the way they hold spoons. kids are fantastic.

Mina at 7:54 PM