Sunday, July 24, 2005

i bought books, i bought books up to my chin, so MANY beautiful BOOKS, it was a mosquito in a nudist colony! i even got a little cookbook that was signed by the author, can you imagine?! and i got me pots of hardbacks, alice munro and margaret atwood and a.s byatt amongst others and i was in heaven, got more too, but had to leave behind the cloth-bound yellowing hemingways sniff but- ooohh and i got me a beautiful copy of 'the republic' and i went home surrounded by books and the cake i got for mum for aunty S. in my lap and two balloons and a can of coke (a can so it was real coke, it's been a while since real coke. it's still yummier than pepsi) and a challi most perfect, like a princess i felt!! and i came home and called my book-buddies about the fair and then i made bubble mix (pantene makes the best masala, detergent and liquid soap are not stretchy enough) and blew the biggest, shiniest bubbles in the world (i swear they were melon-sized) for bari ammi in the thandi pre-maghrib dusk, and refereed a skip-rope championship. and also ate some yellow cake. i love yellow cake.

so a day that was halfway-through utterly horrible turned out pretty darn well. i'm so lucky!!! ha ha!! yeeaaaayyy :D :D *jumps around like a mad, skippy smiley bean*

note to self: do not go to book fairs with a hand-held bag. less space for books :) they gave me a crate, socho hahahaha!

Mina at 8:13 PM