Monday, June 06, 2005

so y'know, how it goes with the smallcat. spends his day driving me insane: attaches himself to my leg while i'm pumping the syringe up to feed him- matlab, are you crazy? what do you think i'm doing at eight-thirty a.m if not catering to your highness' gastric needs? and i am thanked by four paws full of claws lodged in my left leg. Maaaashaaalllaaahhh. then he runs around all day long. runs like the progeny of ben jonson, skidding around corners, jumping on the sofa, mewing madly and pawing at my book. acha bhai. your stomach is full, your chin is wiped, what's your problem? i am decidedly irked when i have settled down to a nice long uninterrupted read and a pile of mewing fur and bones insists on standing on my stomach between me and my pages. o-kay then. i have to eventually abandon my georgette heyer and pump some more milk down the damn cat's throat just to shut him up, or coax him out of my parents' room so he doesn't jump on a napping mother. when yoda is not running around madly or trying to attack my arm, he is trying to attack ali's leg, or figuring out how to climb the swivel chair and onto the desk with the computer and sana. then he decides wa-hey! let's go take a dump where i'm really not supposed to so that mina has a really creative clean-up to do! fine, i'm your mother but really. there are limits, and the ultimate one i think is following me to the bathroom and sitting outside mewing plaintively while i take a shower, not because he misses me or anything as preposterous as that, but because he associates every bathroom with being fed. greedy little fart. so i spend my day ranting at the cat, peeling it off random sofas and threatening it to leave him at hassan's while uss peh eik joon ki nani nahien reengti and persists on being an ass of the highest order. in the evening i'm curled up on the one-seater, watching telly and the cat reappears- meeeooowwww yes your canines are entirely intact i assure you, sahib-e-aalam- clambering up onto the couch to walk over me again. i ignore him, because i have already told him he is in high disgrace and will be treated with appropriate severity. after a while he plops down in the space between my arm and the back of the couch, drapes his front paws over the crook of my elbow and gives me a few kisses (licks, but it equates). then he proceeds to flomp his face down on my arm too, and fall fast asleep. purring.

so then y'know, how it goes with the smallcat.

Mina at 11:56 AM