Monday, June 13, 2005

random addtional note(s): i looked up aaj and stuart betha tha! out of the billoo, just like magic :D yay now we can go egging. happiness. i like stuart.

reenie is here. walked up in the hall with butt outside A-3 and it was like she had never left :)))much happinesses all round. she begins to laugh her bubbling-up hansi whenever she sees someone she likes on campus and runs off like a little stripey t-shirted elf to hug them. gels only ;) cow has gone to get clothes now, leaving me whining about my tab-undone assignment and drinking evil orange masala that only looks pretty, but is garam and too orangey and ew, saltyish. very greek aunty i cannot recall right now.

speaking of greek, a much pending note. other than the fact that i very much like khurram husain (he said 'craven' and 'pittance' in the same sentence today, my word-glutton heart goes garden garden) all the ancient names (shaaid abhi bhi hon? koi bayeed nahien, dekhna hoga) for greek islands sound so pretty keh i will name all my girls after them (them sounding mostly feminine). hello, this is my number two (kyunke everyone should have a big brother, it's just sweet) ('tis a phrase that never fails to tickle the juvenile part of my funny bone, hehe you're doody) chaleis, and this is cyrene and sinope. it really IS pretty. i shall to-ta-lly do it, Inshallah. chhey bachay karney hongey ab to keep it even. three boys and three girls. hahaha! i saw a baby being born on national geographic and it wasn't as gross as i thought it would potentially be, but then again i am not a squeamish girl unless raw livers-with-gallbladders-attached are concerned.

also, please pray for the safe delivery of a niece of mine. we have many books to read together.

Mina at 3:05 PM