Saturday, June 25, 2005

ho ho, i played scrabble the other night and i kicked me siblingses bums into superspace! bwahaha! i was on faii-yah! 'yield' on triple-word. 'jilts' on a double, and J on a double-letter score (realised baad main i could have put it on 'roof' and verticalled to a triple-word for eight more points but i was totally winning anyway so oh well). 'inflates' : seven letter on an S, so eight letters, double word score, OAYYY HOAAYY! other random good words....'trivia', 'bring' in a really tight space. it's tricky being the only one making words on 'road' and 'log'. haha! i'm being a show-off but it was such a good game. khekhe. now i have to go get pretty for ugh dinner at gymkhana and amma just said 'you're going to be the hostess for eight teenagers'- and it's true! NOOOOO!!! it's too hot to get pretty, i don't want to make small talk and sana isn't here so i have to do everything. and i don't want to urge everyone to nahien nahien eat the tikkay! and be the friendly, slightly frightening older college wali girl wearing a big sparkly ring and eyeing everyone sleepily because i WILL be sleepy (massive lunch is still sitting in stomach) and dreaming of three pillows and a book, and the impending doom of the quiz i wanted to stay home and study for. i'm only going to sit in the airconditioning and also see if the much-vaunted haseena daughter is indeed haseen and also to- OH NO! i just realised that aunty A will be there and i recently made a complete jackass out of myself with her on the phone, i thought she was meesha and i told her to 'chubbay!' :O oh no! she was so sweet about it but STILL!!! CRIKEY! *breathe*
chalo never mind it's okay, i would not be me if i did not do such beautifully cultured, refined things. aunty A is a jaan. i will not giggle goofily. and i still do NOT like phones. and better run otherwise i'll be running out the door late and wearing my blue chappals instead of other shoes. heheaha.

Mina at 7:18 PM