Friday, May 06, 2005

she took him apart, very carefully. detached his ears, set them aside, evenly spaced. peeled off his eyebrows. gently wiggled his nose off, came to his mouth. she loved his mouth so she lingered awhile on it, ran her fingertips over their fullness. then she leaned down and bit it, hard, leaving behind angry pink-purple toothmarks on them like she used to when he and she were them and marking each other's skin with fire, struggling against each other's bones as they tried so desperately to fall into each other like water into the sand...branding each inch of flesh with each other's mark. but now he was gone, and all that was left for her were these closed eyes and salt-coin taste of his blood sizzling up from memory on her tongue. but at least now he was hers, hers forever...she held the coil of his breath in her fist, and in his stillness was the zenith of her possession of him. something in her glowed alight with happiness; this time he was staying forever. like he used to say. she pursed her mouth, and then with one swift, final motion, pulled his off. she breathed a small puff of a sigh.
'hai, meri jaan.'

Mina at 9:03 PM