Friday, May 06, 2005

prodigal crackpot homecoming

today was the return of regular hyper mina! i'm so glad! welcome back, girl, i missed ya!!! and what better way to mark it than attacking people with usman dawood, a bottle of water to swish around and a big fat jharoo? and when that got boring, cheering them in a circle of jumping, arm-waving shrieks ("yeeaaayyyyyyyy")? hahahahhaa....what a day, i don't think i've ever seen anyone run as fast as syds did with that spoon clenched in her jaw, or ali and nadia's burst of rabid speed for the three-legged race...hahaha they were running and bouncing at the same time!! doing the twist with everyone in the lawn to an elvis song, and ali khan sack-hopping for all he was worth hahahahha! what a good sport he is! and i also won the lucky seven (kissed the dice a la indecent proposal lol) and was horribly conned by aqsa the owner, who would put p.t barnum to shame- so for revenge usman and i stole her dice, then her ECS shoebox with the money in it, and then also attacked her stall with the jharoo while she dove in a corner of the stall and merciless kanita stood by taking pictures and laughing hysterically....and haan, i know how to tie two-no, three- different kinds of knots, courtesy ali the intrepid explorer :D oh haan! AND a rose! can't have a carnival without getting a rose! and met sanno and khan, which is always good. aur kiya kiya. haan! reenie they played yeah! so butt and i messaged you between doing a little jig with our water bottles...and amena and i did that funny rotate-your-arms-and-lean-back step we all used to do when we were thirteen-fourteen and had dance parties all the time...and hassan got water-ballooned and fake-snow and glitter sprayed several times, which was....interesting ;) and also ate ammara's horribly overpriced, very sweet but yummy brownie (maybe it was the sugar....hmm...hehe...that, and spending the last few days closeted in the library reading hemingway like there was no tomorrow and getting that massive term test over, and also feeling much better than i have in a week, no blood appearing scarily where it shouldn't and less antibiotics to swallow)...too bad i had to leave before the tug of war, i wonder if the babes managed to pin furrukh down for that at least....hehehehe, yay for the asian babes, innit?!

"perhaps that's only in your perception, mina" (ali khan in impeccable oxford accent)
"naww, we're all babes!"

Mina at 9:05 PM