Saturday, May 21, 2005

i rescued a teeny-weeny kitten! A'd been putting milk out for it for a few days (that it couldn't drink 'cause it's too young) and it was all alone, abandoned by its evil old mother mewling and tottering around on its big-pawed little spindly legs....the slider-down-the-stairs wanted to keep it but her sister is destructive with cats and A couldn't keep it so i elected to put it in a dabba and bear it home, buying eye-droppers on the's two or three weeks old, in H the cat-pert's opinion (on the way home i had time to think of who-all to call for kitty info, and H was the closest-to-home- and called me instead haha)....the SS-clan wanted to call it bushra but dat not happenin' *grin* anyhoo....i don't know if i'm keeping it, but it's small and cute and had a little milk beard when i was feeding it, and at the moment is asleep in mum's loo in the bed i made it :))

but cat-people! i need to know things like it won't die if i shut it in the loo na? and if it doesn't drink much millk at one go that's all right? just gotta feed it often? and it won't die if i don't feed it in the night na ('cause i'll be asleep eh he)? and should i leave the light on? what if it gets insomnia? do kittens get heatstroke? what'll i do if it pees on the carpet, 'cause mum will have a cow if she gets back to dodgy stains on the rugs : and if i leave him/her outside, will all the big huge other cats (and they're real big mean buggers) eat it up?

methinks me calling it yoda, even if it turns out to be a girl. in honour of 'revenge of the sith'. of course, that means technically calling it anakin but yoda's just cooler. and its head is bigger than its body anyhow :D

Mina at 12:21 AM