Sunday, May 22, 2005

a bit of whingeing.

oh my sainted aunt. how did that happen? i don't know what was very, very cold, and i couldn't find anything. i'm not even sad. just a bit shell-shocked. oh my lordy lord. and it wasn't even, technically, that hard or anything. i don't know what happened.

my knee hurts. asal main. i hit the right one- which had been aching for a week anyway- on my bathroom counter really really hard; for a minute i thought i had dislocated my already wiggly patella, but i don't think that's asal main possible :P must put icepack on it.

i want my mommy. i don't want to run the washing machine and tell everyone to get the damn hell down and EAT BREAKFAST ALREADY and adjudicate between the cleaning woman and the cook and think of novel ways to have the chicken cooked for lunch and nurse a kitten and ugghhhh can't i just go sleep and wake up in september?!?! bhaaaannnn ammmaaaa i'm such a sissy girl but i'm in pain and i'm cold and i just took the shittiest exam in my entire life and i haven't written anything proper for ages and waaahhhh NAHIEN KARNA AUR! asal main rona aaraha hai.

Mina at 2:20 PM