Saturday, April 23, 2005

oh dear, my darlings; 'tis such an amusement watching you two skirt around
the obvious as if it were candlelight to your moth-dust! i, who
lives in the atom, i of all
the people in the whole wide world can see into the corners of your eyes as you
look at each other surreptitiously, hiding behind
eyelashes. itchy
fingers, beringed, a little hairy, it's like
watching the birth of the
world, first rain of a new cloud, soles of babyfeet
something rare and
precious, old
as a jewel but infinite as the sky, endless
purity as you lean into her neck
to catch a whisper. you two smile misty
faraway upcurves.

love in the time of stats

Mina at 7:42 PM