Saturday, April 09, 2005

i want to eat like a mad, mad woman. i want cheese pizza with onions from the 'hut. i want spaghetti bolognese from italian oven in islamabad. i want a strawberry margharita from gunsmoke and OPTP fries. i want potato salad with chopped dill pickles, crusty garlic bread and KFC's squishy corn on the cob. i want baklava. i want some really good naan. i want an aalu ka paratha. i want a pina colada from Freddy's. i want tom yang goong soup. i want the Reenie Special. i want some dark chocolate toblerone. i want shahi tukre, the ones nana's khansamah makes. i want a cinnamon roll and a mocchacino. i want thai chicken noodles. i want those chocolates phuppo gets ammi, with the crunchy minty bits in them. that said, i'm going to eat good old regular dinner. heh.

Mina at 8:07 PM