Saturday, April 02, 2005

hanna had a 'do at her place yesterday...of course, half of it was a dance party being disco-lighted away by her sister and her friends, but i'm still glad i wore the flowery silk sari, barra maza aya. off white with pale green floral things and a hot pink border! fun, and all thanda thanda :D the driver's new, he's small and light-eyed and thought i was going to a shaadi...khekhekhe...interesting how people see sari and think :O! FANC-EEEE! not really, not necessarily...i have an aunt who wears them to gymkhana for dinner, so fancy doesn't really fit unless you're all jeweled and wearing something that involves sequins and jamawaar and blaady-bloo. kher! not the point! turns out that ayesha isn't the only one getting married in our A level batch....arjumand's engaged, goes in november, uzma (who'da guessed? little quiet uzma!) was beyah-ed right after the A's (bit of a shocker, that, 'tis too young), zahra's engaged and so is areeba, both to cousins, the former being a complicated vatta-satta because her phuppo is married to her mamoo or something to that effect, and the latter being a straight good old son-of-khala who she happened to lauwwe since she was a tiny tot, so good for her. he cooks too, made her parathas and chicken karahi, lol. so people're jumping the bandwagon, wot? had fun..looked at pictures from zahra's 'do, heard stories about going to college the next day wearing a rock- 'i was a little busy yesterday' (LOL). but engagements these days are like ruddy weddings, day before a friend of sana's got engaged and she went and it was all tent-shent, batti-shatti, shaadi clothes, photo-shoot...the full monty, and this is only sliding a ring onto a finger and that's not a patthar ki lakeer; engagements can be finished in a snap, a fight and a ring-flung-in-face (although i wonder if there were an honourable way to do that and still keep the ring heehee) (or hearth like eliza doolittle only she wasn't engaged to doc'saab). but really. what is all this? outfit by karma/umar sayeed/bigwig designer. makeup and hair by ather shehzad. photos by shahnawaz, by zaidis, by the KC photographer, jo bhi. tents and lights and dinners and crowds of people, half of whom you don't even know...that's what a shaadi is made of and it sounds like one were starring in a movie as opposed to getting married. sitting in a stage (gag, a STAGE) glittering like a movie star-princess hybrid for hours while your neck aches from supporting a decked dupatta on it, starving since who the heck can eat on a stage with makeup that cost a fortune on your face and king-kong's arse on your head? plus you aren't 'allowed' to talk because you have to pretend to be demure. most girls don't talk 'cause they're terrified anyhow. freaky, yaar. that's really freaky. but i have a plan, and 'tis a good plan, and i'll keep it to myself until i need it...but i will tell you, i 'aint havin' no photo-shoot! just the thought of some photographer trying to have me make like umraojaan and do stupid things with my bracelets and peek coyly from the side of my dupatta cracks me up hahahaha one photographer tried to make my cousin and his wife do this insanely stupid, totally filmi pose, and they just stood there and busted their guts laughing...and that is by far the prettiest photograph of the lot :)

Mina at 7:18 AM