Monday, March 07, 2005

yessiree bob, a pedicure. two hours of it. with bestie girlfriendy, and then off to lunch with another bestie girlfriendy, and hours of laughing, talking, swiping food off each other's plates, messing around with the digi-cam. of comparing toe-shine, wreaking havoc in radio city, cautiously sipping rabri doodh from nirala. sunglasses and perfume in a hot pink rectangle. giggling because scrubbing a foot can be really tickly, and the parlor aunties being rather amused in turn. too much sugar, by far. red, red nailpolish; traffic-stopping bright tomato red for me and darker, blood-maroon for ayesha who never wears red, always pink. shiny, buffed nails, i think that was the best part of it all. tom yang kai (goong nahien tha reenie, for the lunch buffet! boo!), squishy dumplings to be adventurous but skipping the whole fried little fish (don't think they still had the eyes ;) hehe you know who you are). doing the stupid dance in the car. talking seriously, saying things only we can get away with saying to each other. meesha and ayesha dropping CDs left right and center. choosing between robbie williams and norah jones, and then between robbie and a DVD. choosing between natalie merchant and 'rolling with the king', replacing the sinatra i lost to sydra and nat king cole. the weird wax stick 'what's she DOING?', bumping into the boys at jammin' java. fahd's getting thick but the hair! hahaha! my drink is the precise colour of my toes, interesting. 'i'm taking your picture too, don't be jealous'. 'fatay hogayi' after so long! :D nikah pics, all of a sudden young women. and then baby in my lap, the Brigade in the lawn. camera a-clicking, i love rechargeable batteries! nana's beige sweater. singing the little one to sleep, 'fields of gold', 'i'll remember' and 'time after time'. aahh...what a good day. one to put in a scrapbook and laugh over after a few months, maybe a year. we've come a long way, baby. (l)

Mina at 9:36 AM