Thursday, March 03, 2005

on muses and boeotian wannabe-ness
one thing that makes me grumpy is having to pare a story down. fifteen hundred words? it's like saying bacha, sari bandh lo do guz kaprey main, aur haan, please look beautiful while you're at it, wot? and yes...i know, beyond fifteen hundred would be a royal pain in the butt to read for four people at a go (which is what we have to do), but eeyaaahh! so i'm stalking it, hoping that the sleepy nighttime clear quiet will do something magic. i need to pare it down and slap it around a bit to make it a cohesive whole; right now it isn't complete. if i can't finish it in fifteen H, then i'm probably going to have to type up something older i wrote in karachi...unless herbert bites me in the bum before monday. i hope he will. finjers crossed.

naya gana
(can't remember their last names so i'll be all familiar here) sajid and zeeshan've got a new song up; saw/heard it on IM this afternoon. notabad. called 'my happiness', there's a video too for all you DSL's cute, they've got it rated by food: this track was a bag of doritos and salsa, 'king of self' was eighteen cups of coffee. another thing called 'the jazz bit'; seven cups of tea. i wonder if it's for one of them, or both. seven cups of tea and a bag of doritos is very singularly doable.

if you stand sideways in front of a mirror, you will realise two things: where your tummy is going, for one, and two: how little there is to being a body. bodies are mere inches across. that's a very, very fragile thing to be. humans are preedy. wrists and collarbones and toes...sweet, deceptively breakable things.

across da chops!
hehahaha...spent a good while having a go at ol' mister bippy...'hyuk hyuk! you hit like my grandmother!'. maza aya. pumpumupumumpum heheheee

purana gana
rangeela reeee....lata sounds so lovely, trilling away a shahtoos through a ring. and it is NOT a chichora gana achawwww...yuun ranga hai merey mann main tera runggg...dimagh fail horaha hai althouh i just had a good idea! FINISH UP THE QUL STORY, WOT? that's 1,409 words already and it's still a baby, but you know. setting shetting, s'all there. how come i always volunteer for setting? because i'm a detail freakazoid. yummaayy.

prudie roodie roo
i was called a prude recently, in jest. but it made me think of the mad things i've done and plan to do. and the things i assign priority to. i'm not a prude in the least. i have principles, but i don't think i'm a prude. t'wouldn't do, clan women are not prudes. eccentric, dramatic, effusively expressive, yes, but prudes? no. i'm a nerd, yeah, but not prudish just because i disapprove of certain things and make it known. i'm a nerd, which is great good FUN. not a really proper nerd, but a goodly extentfied one definitely. i even have the glasses, dood. hehe. aye lauff. i leev in house of books and head in clouds, ja!

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