Monday, March 07, 2005

nobody knows what to do with the paper i wrote for african literature. the TA says it wasn't an academic paper. i know it wasn't: that is the point. i wrote a piece of literature for a literature class on a topic nobody's done any research that i could find on: what happens inside the 'other woman''s head in a polygamous relationship. the second wife, nobody ever talks about her. so i did. let's see what happens: an A is on the line. but i'm glad i did it. i'm tired of writing the same old, pounding out three thousand words of postcolonial regurgitation. it's a formula you learn by the time you're a junior, and i will not be one of those SS wunderkinders that have learnt the formula so well their transcripts are beautiful, but are variants of the same central theme. i didn't come to LUMS to use the formula and whiz by. i came so i didn't have to swallow my opinions and write what was expected to get an A any more. so fingers crossed for my paper, and i'm ready to rock and roll!

Mina at 11:07 PM