Tuesday, March 08, 2005

i have it [thanks to huma, fairy bookmother ;)]! finally, i have it [nyah nyah bilal ;)]. and it's beautiful. so far i've read the names of the chapters, and the acknowledgement. and the dedication. pure enchantment, from the jacket to the size to the weight of it in my lap, from the funny deer to the ghalib. uff. keh kaun aadmi hai, i can't believe he's real :D has got to be some kind of magic, to suddenly have the suchlike just drop from the sky in fairly rapid succession *grin*

maps for lost lovers, ladiss and jantilmain [loved that, saad], HOORAY! YAY! YAY! YAY! now to find a way to get it signed....hmm...salmagundi, salmagundi...YAY! YAY! i feel like...like...i won't say christmas 'cause i've only had one, and i won't say eid because nothing that unique happens on eid but just like....springtime. i feel like springtime.

Mina at 9:00 PM