Monday, March 14, 2005

he lurks. i notice, only because i always
notice. didn't used to; i wonder what
he wants to accomplish. i said hello the
other day, i'm glad i did. tameez hoti hai. he
was surprised, skittish eyes stilled a moment. his cardigan was too long, it
probably got stretched in the wash. interesting,
you look like a toy policeman from
blyton. round and shiny in places. i like this languid
power, i'm in control and i can make you scuttle
away but simultaneously i am a little
repentant and a little sorry. you have a lot of guts- i admire
that- and your fingernails were clean. i might have noticed
the length of your fingers but the platter- it may look
fluted and seashell-veined prettypretty, but it was
really heavy and i was being a hero(ine) and
holding it with one hand,
concentrating on getting a
sandwich across so i could relieve the strained
wrist. sometime down the week there will
be another khekhe-khakha, another grin at another
appraising set of eyelashes. me, i never thought
it would come to this. it's interesting, i'll give you
that. i like this ability to elicit reactions, be able to really
mess with someone's head if i chose to be (amma would
flip out i think but also be secretly quite
amused) very
naughty and put on my coolly aloof, very
multi-syllable persona that makes people think i'm
an SS wunderkinder just to see what
happen. if i'm doing this i may as well
have a bit of
fun, have
a few funny stories to tell ayesha when
i call her next, feed a story or two. it would be very amusing to show up one day
for class wearing a ring conspicuously not one of the regular multiple chunks of silver
and rainbow rocks- surprise!

Mina at 9:42 AM