Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Happy Women's Day! I won't say do something sweet for your women 'cause you should do it every day anyway hehe. And the women: love thyself. You are not fat, promise. Neither is your skin horrible, your sunglasses outmoded, your outfit stitched wrong or your toes not pretty enough.

Shoaib Hashmi was playing fun things on The Breakfast Show this morning, I got out of the car shaking my earrings to Marvin Gaye's 'Midnight Woman'. And Ray Orbison, subha saverey, 'mercccyyy' hahaha that always reminds me of Amina Khalil and eleventh grade. She'd do the 'mercy' part and I'd do the 'rowwrr'. Been thinking of school, purane zamaney these days; I wonder why.

Neend aarahi hai. Why do our drivers always have to have all manner of pressing urgencies in life all the time? Why did we get a new car? I liked the old one, I could drive it without being afraid that Abbu the Human Microscope would spot a scratch on the paint work (which is a bit exaggerated because when I did scratch the front fender he knew but he didn't chew me out, but still. I'm sleepy and I have a gene that exaggerates everything, plus I'm a princess so y'know. I can say these things *grin*). I am also thinking of several things simultaneously: that the workshop makes me really happy; that Pakistanis are probably one of the most un-PC qaum that exists and that..umm...aye hai, I've forgotten. I will hold forth on these things later when my fingers will type at their regular speed-of-light and not this sedate thik-thik. The keyboard in here is caked in dust; I had a good time freaking Asad out- I painted a graphic picture of all the goo that probably lurks beneath the black plastic, of all the sneezed-into hands that have touched the keys, all the grotty things jammed beneath the letters that make typing such a pain. Of course, I was home. hehehehe. He totally wigged out. Amma would want to throw this thing into a bucket of soapy, warm water- then again, Amma has wood cleaner called 'Soapy', Pledge makes it. It isn't polish, it's actually detergent cleanser for wood surfaces. I like the word 'soapy', it evokes bubbles and babies in the bubbles for some reason. soaappyyy! I can imagine a little kid squeaking it, splashing in a tub. Rubber duckies. Running through the sprinkler. Playing in the rain with Ali, Goldie and the green hose, and Atif khalu dropping by as we were graphically reenacting a Mortal Kombat fight sequence; peeking over the gate completely drenched, hair plastered to our faces. We let in a highly amused husband-of-my aunt, needless to say. hahahahaha. Acha, enough free association. Happy Wimmin's Day, wot! Pink Pride, yay!

Mina at 9:05 AM