Thursday, March 10, 2005

~fishie's pick of the present~
(changed it a little;) )
tan tan tan!

Now that she's back in action, my sister's blog is tres cool. No bias, promise. Mizz Malik is funny, quirky and one of the rare people who don't use their blogs to moan and spoo about a) their cruddy love lives b) their cruddy lives or c) just crud. Nor does she burst into song and dance around trees. Muchas points to the ScrapBook, may thy remain untainted by the blague.
(n. blay-guh. the unfortunate, infectious disease of using a blog to spout mush)

Tree-Elf's latest post is a must-see. Chauvinistic boy-party inaneity....but it's funny :D

My 'links' column is placed in groups, if you've noticed. The first is the litty-critty space. The second is the altruism space. The third is the comics and then the fourth section for the photograph yummies. The rest is the random things I like and let float around on their (its?) own like cyber dust bunnies or socks that went into the washing machine plural and came out single. Stop, rewind: the photo stuff. New link! New link! Faraz's ShutterBlog is my most recent blog hop. If it were black and white I'd buy it all off him (or at least the autumn ones), print a litho series and tell everyone Ansel Adams was still makin' the rounds in the boonies of California ;)

Random Thumbs-Up: Toe socks. Bless the German for bringing me another pair, this one has little smiley (literally) sunflowers on bluegreenpinkorange stripes. Sweet!

Mina at 9:31 AM