Wednesday, February 02, 2005

she puts her shawl on her head, white with a red and black, indistinct patterned border an inch wide.

she puts her shawl on her head, and suddenly she is a princess- a Rajasthani rani sitting in a balcony on a takht, in a white gharara, playing a taanpura. regal royal woman sweeping out of a room, tilting her head graciously at people bowing low. smiling gently, laughing tinkly, throaty. wearing heavy rings, an antique kundan tika on her forehead- all it took was one movement of an arm, and she is beautiful; so elegant and regal i want to photograph her, paint her, capture the strange magic that fell out of the air and has settled itself around her; a glowing aura of loveliness.

the azaan ends, and she pulls the shawl off. and now she's just a girl, wearing an unspecial, stripey turtlenecked sweater, her hair in a regular old low ponytail. nothing new, nothing rare. just another girl- but i know, a secret not even she does.

Mina at 2:55 PM