Tuesday, February 22, 2005

the note, as it were, never comes on the day.

saad is, i think, one of the most joyous people i know. he's just sunny, always. even when he's grumpy, hasn't slept in seventy-two hours (so he claims, jhoota kahinka) and looks like a damp bird: he's sunny. saad is one of those people who are unabashedly themselves all the time, who like being them so much that they are free. so they'll sing indian songs in india in an indian department store with you when it comes onto the speaker system (i actually said 'SAAD!' and ran from one department to the other looking for him when 'saat samandar' came on, haha). they'll hang a rather big mike-from-monsters inc. from their bag. they'll tell you you look pudgy in a sweater you usually don't look pudgy in- because they will notice, and be ingenuous in a really funny, dodgy way and say it. i got off light; mariyah's had a dose ;) saad is like one of those comfy, lovable older cousins you have who you pester to take you out and buy you chaat and a balloon...and just when you thought he's all mature and responsible, he'll buy a green goo grenade from the guys who sell cool crap like that at intersections and keep almost-hitting you with it all the way home, and both of you will be busting your guts laughing, ainwee main. he's like that, saad with his little-boy hair and big smile...you're quite close to the older brother i don't have very many of. happy birthday babe, love you loads :)

Mina at 7:56 AM